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About Crossroads Sir Gâr

Crossroads Sir Gâr Ltd. is a registered charity (No. 1121666).

We are a network partner of the Carers Trust, the major national charity offering practical and emotional help to carers.

Crossroads Sir Gâr puts Carers and the people they support at the heart of everything we do. Our services are tailored to meet the needs of the individual Carer and their family, working alongside other local community services.

Meet The Team

Senior Management Team

Alison Harries

Chief Executive Officer

Erica Watts

Finance Manager

Karen Samuel

Operational/Registered Manager

Joanne Silverthorne

Service Development Manager

Care Planning Team

Julie Davies

Care Manager

Lynne Mathias

Care Manager

Angela Rees

Senior Care

Sarah Bailey

Senior Care

Julie Doran

Care Co-ordinator

Nicola Evans

Care Co-ordinator

Kelly Thomas

Care Co-ordinator

Susan Hough

Care Co-ordinator

Mary West

Care Co-ordinator

Carmarthenshire Carers Information and Outreach Service

Cathy Boyle

Carers Information Service Manager

Joanne Staley

Carers Information Officer

Liz Edwards

Carer Outreach Worker

Vanessa Buckler

Carer Outreach Worker

Deborah Davies

Carers Outreach Worker

Laura Jones

Carers Outreach Worker

Dawn Walters

Carers Officer
Prince Phillip Hospital

Ben Innocent

Carers Officer
Glangwili Hospital

Investors in Carers

Debbie Bence

Investors in Carers Development Officer

Young Adult Carers & Carers Educational Years

Melanie Rees-Lewis

Children &
Young People’s
Carers Service Manager

Cat Hooton

CEY Project Worker

Tracey Jones

YAC & CEY Project Worker

Lucy Griffiths

Events & Outreach

Justine O’Shea

Education Engagement Project Worker

Rhys Evans

Education Engagement Project Worker

Andrew Fewtrell-Smith

Volunteer & Peer Mentor Co-ordinator

Out-of-School Provision Team

Melanie Griffiths

Out-of-School Provision Co-ordinator

CATCH UP Welfare Benefits Advice Service

Lorraine Thomason

Team Co-ordinator

Bryan Jones

Welfare Benefits Advisor

Susan Harries

Welfare Benefits Advisor

Janet Bouleghlimat

Welfare Benefits Advisor

Office and Administrative Staff

Demi-Lee James

Finance Officer

Ben Harries

Data Officer

Lauren Thomas

HR Support Officer

Abby White

Investors in Carers Administrator

The Trustees

For many carers in Carmarthenshire, Crossroads Sir Gâr have been their lifeline – enabling carers to have time to themselves, an opportunity to have a life of their own through quality replacement care allowing them to continue to care for their loved ones.

The trustees are the foundation of Crossroads, giving their time and expertise freely to lead the organisation.

Speaking at the Above and Beyond awards, in regard to the trustees, Jonathan Rees, Carers Development Officer at Carmarthenshire County Council said “over many years I’ve heard carers say ‘I don’t know what I’d do without Crossroads’.

It was unthinkable to overlook these volunteers for their commitment, enthusiasm and expertise in developing services for carers”.

Our Values


We understand that our services only respond to Carers’ needs when they trust us to care for the person they support.


Care providers and the people they support drive Crossroads service design and development.


We ensure that our services are high quality, flexible, responsive and continually improving.

Availability and Accessibility 

We work to make our services available and accessible to as many carers and people they support as possible.

Dignity and Respect

We always treat Care providers and the people they support with dignity and respect.

Working For Change

We work proactively with government and policy makers at national and local level to influence legislation and practice.

Family Friendly

We recognise that our service impacts on families and friends – not just the Carer and the person they support – and so we design our services with that in mind.

Partnership Working

We actively explore opportunities for establishing joint projects and relationships with other organisations that will improve services for Carers and the people they support.


We learn from the good practice of others in order to improve our services for Carers and the people they support and we encourage others to learn from us.

Carmarthen Office

Suite 11, 2nd Floor West
Ty Myrddin, Old Station Rd
Carmarthen Office
SA31 1LP
01267 220046

Llanelli Office

The Palms Unit 3
96 Queen Victoria Road
SA15 2TH
01554 754957

Ceredigion Office

Plas Antaron
Antaron Avenue
SY23 1SF
07985 672131

Registered charity No. 1121666
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